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The Inspiration

Born in Schenectady, NY, some of Eric's most prominent memories are of playing baseball on Michigan Avenue.

FUN FACT: Congressman Antonio Delgado and Eric played in Schenectady Little League together.

In 5th grade Eric's family moved to Clifton Park, NY, where he graduated from Shenendehowa High School in 1997. A three time captain of the baseball program, Eric credits baseball as the "glue" that kept his family together. He suffered set backs due to a car accident and left college after his sophomore year, ending his baseball career.

Eric will tell you his brother was the bar setter: hard work = success. Since Eric couldn't "hang" with Craig on the field, he tried to personify that equation in his work life.

FUN FACT: Craig DeCrosta, who Eric calls a "stud pitcher", was inducted into the Shenendehowa Athletic Hall of Fame in October 2019.

Shortly after leaving college, he had a cool stint with the NFL & the New York Football Giants and got Craig to join him. The DeCrosta brothers worked in the equipment room at the training camp facility at the University of Albany from 2003 until 2009. Eric then had a photography position at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, from 2004 until he left the organization in 2018. He also had the opportunity to work sidelines at road games in the 2007 and 2008 season, he claims, "thanks to the Seahawks screwing Romo & the Cowboys in '06!". Eric also worked at Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in 2014.  He attributes his NY Giants/NFL connection to longtime friend and Shenendehowa/UAlbany grad, Erin Casey Pelligrino. He will tell you, "she's as bad-ass as she is genuine, and has never let fear of barriers limit her successes".

FUN FACT: Eric has a Super Bowl staff ring from his time in 2007 after traveling to Tampa Bay and Dallas in the post-season and to Green Bay for the NFC Championship game.

Eric purchased his first investment property in 2006. He later invested in land & development, but after countless headaches and roadblocks he sold those assets and used the capital to purchase more properties in January 2017, June 2017, and May 2018. 

In October 2017, he passed the Department of State exam for his Real Estate License and hitched wagons with his friend and agent, David Schrepper

FUN FACT: The David M. Schrepper team consistently ranks in the top 1% in the Capital Region.

Eric's passion for talking about finances and home ownership is endless. His lifestyle is not for everyone...but if you work hard, care about your money and want to put your best fiscal foot forward, come experience the Lifestyle Seminar For Financial Success.



 Listen to the introduction of Craig DeCrosta's induction into the Shenendehowa Athletic Hall of Fame 2019.

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