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"I'm the coordinator of the Workforce Program at the Troy Boys & Girls Club and we have used the online curriculum for the last class session for the financial literacy portion. This online ability is a game changer. The topics are engaging and most important easy to navigate. The students and myself found it insightful, engaging, and knowledgeable. I will continue to use this as a tool in further classes to come.

I have personally encountered Megan and her team several times and they're absolutely amazing, helpful, and REAL. To be able to have life lessons and incorporate it to knowledgable is outstanding. I'm happy to have met them and look forward to continue building a long-term professional relationship with them."

raysheen griffin

Youth Workforce Development Coordinator

"Taking the 48 minute intro course with Cut The Fiscal Fat has launched me into a new financial literacy journey in my life. The explanations are so simple and easy to understand. I had no idea how credit scores and credit cards work. I gained insight on how to save, and budget my money, and lots more. I am so looking forward to taking more courses with them."

grace thompson


"Watching this program has given me many valuable tips that I have already begun to implement. I found the presentation engaging and efficient. As an educator myself, who was not raised with financial literacy, I feel that this should be a part of every teenager's high school experience."

Ron w.

Teacher at City of Schenectady

"Megan and her team have been gracious enough to come in monthly to present their financial well-being workshop with our group of job seekers over at Schenectady County Connects. 

The information they present has been beneficial to each and every individual that has been a part of this presentation. Their interactions with our group of job seekers is one of a kind, they take their time to ensure that each topic covered is understood and are very engaged with the groups. 

I have received rave reviews from the customers that we work with and can say first hand that I look forward to them coming in and sharing their wealth of knowledge regarding financial stability with our group!"

Stephanie grafton

Employment and Training Counselor

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