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"There is a system in place that is designed to keep us uneducated about money"


We're here to change that

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For us, everything starts with education!

If you are looking to self-educate or you are an educator, we've got just what you're looking for.

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Our workshops start the conversation about money, credit and building wealth. It's not about how much money you make, it's about making the most of your money!

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We aim to inspire everyone from teens to adults and give them financial insight to help them be as successful as they want to be in life. You deserve the financial freedom!

Level 1: The Foundation

Income inequality is a crisis in the United States.

When you are more knowledgeable in areas of personal finance, you are more likely to plan, save, and invest.

This 48 minute course is the foundational knowledge and resource you need to manage your money effectively, improve your standard of living, and can ultimately lead to a lifetime of financial well-being.

We want to equip you with the ability to:

- understand and eliminate debt

- create personal wealth

- establish emergency and retirement funds

- pass on the knowledge to your family and friends

The Game Changer

Wealth is more than money.

It is a series of learned strategies and behaviors.

Intentionally designed to show you that you DO NOT have to make a million dollars a year to have wealth and security. This 5-Hour course provides vital personal finance education, including taxes, investing, insurance and more!

It is our objective to provide you with the skills to:

- stabilize and accelerate your financial growth

- audit your finances, mindset, and habits

- invest and protect your money

- plan for the future you want

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